Social media guidelines


When setting up a Maternal Journal group, you may wish to create your own social media accounts to help bring everyone together — we recommend a Facebook group as the best method of communication because it provides a good platform for sharing ideas, posts and messages. You can also create a private group.

If you plan to use something more public-facing to promote your group, or would like some advice and guidance on creating content, we suggest you follow the below.

Creating accounts

To keep things consistent, and to help make Maternal Journal recognisable in different places and spaces, you should set up your social media accounts with ‘maternaljrnl’ followed by a location name, for example:

  • @maternaljrnlhuddersfield

Closing accounts

As many Maternal Journal groups exist for a specific number of weeks or months, please either deactivate or delete your account if not in use to avoid confusion for anyone searching for an active group online.

Do and dont’s


  • Use the Maternal Journal official logo consistently across your accounts, other social media graphics are also available. Logos and graphics can be downloaded from the toolkit.

  • Encourage creativity and sharing using the #maternaljournal hashtag.

  • Develop conversations around birth, art and culture.

  • Provide updates and information about the group.

  • Signpost to useful organisations and resources.

  • Respond to comments in good time.

  • Be mindful of people’s personal situations.


  • Post work from groups without prior consent.

  • Use offensive language that is not inclusive.

What works well

  • Close up images of work from groups, people holding their journals, paintings, poems, drawings.

  • Maternal Journal group photos.

  • Links to relevant news stories, articles, blogs and podcasts.

  • Group members sharing new work made at home.

  • Information on upcoming relevant exhibitions and events.

  • Creative journaling guides and resources from the website.

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