Setting up a group


“Being able to see that other women were having similar worries to me and were able to express them in a journal as well as talk about them, was really helpful.”

Thinking of setting up your own Maternal Journal group? Please contact Laura, the project producer, who will help guide and support you. All the resources you need are on our website, including ready-made journaling guides, inspiration pages and a toolkit.

Journaling together is a great way to share experiences and feelings in safe space while getting support and learning from each other.

Watch our quick animation that shows you all you need to know to set up a group.

Animation by Merlin Strangeway


How does it work?

Image from Mo’s journal, 2017

Image from Mo’s journal, 2017

A group is typically made up of pregnant women*, mothers and people who birth, and will usually have around 6-15 members. The group will meet for a few hours together at a regular time.

At each meeting, a different journaling exercise is used to guide the session and encourage exploration of creativity, emotions and experiences.

One of the best things about journaling in a group is sharing a safe space to talk through your work with others.

A group should be facilitated by a midwife, birth worker, mental health professional or experienced workshop leader. Please be aware that strong feelings can emerge during the course of the group workshops in particular, therefore groups are not recommended for people with a history of severe mental illness.

For more information and advice on how to run your group, please read our Principles and Practice guidelines.

If you set up a group, share your work with the Maternal Journal community.

Quick toolkit

We’ve created a Toolkit to guide you through every step of the process for setting up a Maternal Journal group - from running the group to choosing the best space and where to find support.

Toolkit and resources
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Illustration by Merlin Strangeway

Illustration by Merlin Strangeway

How to register your group

If you’re ready to set up your own Maternal Journal group, contact Laura in the first instance, who will help guide and support you.

Please also take a moment to register with us, as well as reading our Principles and Practice guidelines carefully. We encourage you to follow these closely and seek support from us if you need it.

There are also sample promotional materials available to download with the toolkit including Maternal Journal logos and templates.

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An introduction to Maternal Journal

Founding Mothers from the first Maternal Journal group share their experiences and thoughts on the project - produced by artist Martim Ramos.